Friday, December 20, 2013

Working Out - The Plateau

So, after my first six weeks of working out, I took a lot of days off and ate whatever I wanted and I gained 3 lbs back. It's been 11 days since then and I have dropped the weight again, but I've been stuck at 183.5 for four days. FOUR! I was talking to myself on the scale this morning and I told my body that if it doesn't drop that half a lb. I am going to shut it off and make it have a whole day of being lazy! I know how much it likes the exercise, so I think it might cooperate.

Eat well, exercise much, love yourself and be happy. I'm sure that half pound will drop in its own due time. I just want to see the scale be the lowest it's been this year. ;) I was stuck at 189.5 for two weeks solid before my body caved. Plateaus are a pain, though. They do make you work extra hard to try and get past them, but it also makes you sad that you're stuck. Bittersweet!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 41/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Well, my 6 weeks challenge is over. I pigged out today on restaurant breakfast, party food and junk. It was a fun day though!

My results are here in the photo below. I lost 10.5 lbs and lots of inches!

I'm going to do another 6 weeks starting on Monday. My goal is to lose 29.5 more pounds. :)

I hope this blog has inspired somebody to take action and change not only their body but their way of thinking. You can read back and see all of the different ways I thought about myself and others during my challenge. Feel free to contact me about yours.

I no longer feel fat and I am no longer ashamed of what my body looks like. I know I work hard and that is what counts! Thanks for being there with me through this. See you on!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 40/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

So, I didn't blog yesterday. I was so exhausted after my workout that I just ate a yogurt and went to bed. :)

Last night during my Ab Jam, my husband came in to say hello while I was working out and noticed my posture was off. He told me about it and I was able to correct it and ouch can I feel the burn today!

Every giggle I had today hurt my obliques. Ouch! My body was NOT happy. I didn't want to work out but my coach thefitmommy made me! I did it. Got in there and sweated it out and now I am happy.

Well, I don't know what to say! I am done with my 6 weeks challenge because there are only 2 days left and I have 2 rest days on my workout schedule this weekend. 

I'll report my totals and future plans on Sunday. Talk to you then!

Weight this morning was 184. I am so doing this!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 38/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I'm almost at my 6 weeks point in Turbo Jam. I followed the calendar for 4 of those six weeks and I think I'm going to do another 6 week cycle after I finish this one.

This morning I noticed that there is no resistance in my jeans. It's weird how you take that for granted, that jeans give you resistance. They just always have for me. I've always had to pull them on and then pull the button to the button hole and then zip. Now the jeans come straight on, zipper goes up like a breeze and I have inches and inches to spare. No tucking in my gut, no fighting with my flab. I'm really digging my results. My july jeans are getting loose.

It may not exactly be huge amounts of pounds on the scale but I also noticed that my arms, my most hated feature aside from my tummy, are getting thinner. YES, YES, YES. I have tried for YEARS to tone my arms. I hate how they look in photographs. Now they are visibly smaller and I can see muscle tone forming. I can also see shadows and muscle in my abs, too, but that will take many months more to sculpt.

Tonight is a Cardio Party night. Weight this morning was 186. I am rocking this!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 37/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Today was a 20 minute workout and Ab Jam day. Totally breezed through them without a problem. Woot woot! I feel great today!

Weight this morning was 187. I am rocking the crap out of this!

P.S. My July jeans are loose all over. Muahahaha!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 36/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

So, I know what my mom wants for Christmas! She wants Turbo Jam and I am going to get her a copy too. :) my dad is super proud of my progress thus far and that makes ME proud! I have never stuck to any exercise program this long.

I overate a lot today. Mostly because my guilty pleasure food was gone. I normally eat Sunkist Fruit Gems (2 a day) as a guilty pleasure but they are all gone and hard to find. So today I caved and ate skittles.

I also ate: Cheerios, rice, 2 slices of thinly spread peanut butter toast, 4 half sized pieces of burnt bacon, yogurt (activia), 2 rice cakes and a protein bar. Lol. Oops! Nothing healthy in that lot! No real meals, either. Tomorrow I will try and cook something good.

Weight this morning was 187. Still have water weight and major sugar cravings. It will pass. I can do this!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 35/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I have only one week left of my 6 weeks challenge. Will I make it to a nice even number of pounds lost? I don't know.

Tonight I completed Punch, Kick & Jam for the first time without giving up halfway through. I was really proud of myself. 

To be absolutely honest, I am feeling mega depressed lately. I'm hoping I can cheer up soon.

Weight this morning was 187.5 - it's water weight and I can't wait for it to go away. I can do this.

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 34/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Yes, I am totally changing. I tried making an excuse yesterday and then remembered that excuses get me nowhere. I did my workout anyway. 

Today I was completely depressed (serotonin levels are a mess today I am betting since it's my day off on the workout calendar) and I saw a picture of someone I used to know who has lost a ton of weight. I was always smaller than her and now she is teeny tiny. I was completely envious and burst into tears.

My loving husband reminded me that I am not doing this to be "beautiful" because I already am. I am not doing this to be smaller than someone else, either. I am doing this to be healthy and to be happy with my body. He told me that he is happy with me any way that I am and that I shouldn't get down on myself, ever. He is very right. 

Everyone has their problems and I should have been happy that that girl got fit, not upset that she was fitter than me. It's in our nature to be jealous of others. A lot of the time we slag them off because we don't think we can have what they have. I didn't do that today but I have done it in the past and I have heard it a lot. "Real women have curves." "Men like meat, bones are for dogs", etc. Messages like these aren't positive for anyone. Let's stop attacking each other, ladies, and start helping each other be healthy and happy! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 33/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

On Wednesday night I started baking at 8 PM. I got finished around 12 AM. I then went to bed, got up at nine, did my cardio party workout and continued to bake until it was time for Thanksgiving dinner at 3:30. We had dinner and at 5:20 we started shopping. I didn't make it home until 1 AM. We went to bed about 2 AM and got up at about 4 AM. We didn't make it home again until 8 PM this evening I'll explain more after the Turbo Jam post.

I wasn't going to work out today. I was going to rest instead. I know that it was not on the schedule and I should be doing my workout. I spoke to an associate at Home Depot and we were talking about candy bars and how their caloric value is that the meal but they contain no nutrients needed for a meal. We were talking about how kids eat these along with a meal so they are getting twice the calories and only half of the nutrients and a lot of fat. We started talking about weight-loss and she mentioned that she had tried Billy blanks but she said that she didn't even open the DVDs or put them in the machine once she ordered the whole set.

I told her that I had done the same thing many times with different workout programs. I told her that you had to make a real commitment if you want to change and that you can't skip days; you have to do it just like it says. Of course that means I had to tell the truth and tonight I came home and did my workout.

I just finished Turbo Sculpt and Ab Jam and now I'll tell you about the rest of my day. 

My weight this morning was 185. I am doing this.

This morning at 5:30am as we left The Home Depot in -6F weather, an orange shape approached us.

"I'm frightened!" said the soft meow. A man and his wife stopped to discuss the tiny creature.

"Probably a neighbor's cat," said the woman, while the man nearly wept. "He'll go home soon."

We watched as the wife pulled the man away and the fluffy orange fellow meowed to us for help. He was shivering and obviously hungry.

"We can't take him home," I reminded my husband, who by now had scooped the freezing cat into his arms. "We'll take him inside and one of the associates can help."

"We can't have that cat in here," said a man at the door. "It's been hanging around here the last few days."

My husband wrapped the frightened cat into his coat and I snapped a photo. "Who will take him?" I asked.

I opened my Facebook application and saw that my mother had just made a post. I called her to ask for help.

It was a few moments after six and the cat was purring as loud as a chainsaw in my husband's coat. He watched out the window as we drove, as calm as could be.

When we reached Mom and step-dad's we tried to give everyone we knew a call. Someone had to have room for Puss in Boots, or as Mom called him, Tom. 

He was a perfect gentleman and ate so fast that he threw up the first few bites. We had to slowly give him food.

We soon saw that he was quite possibly the kindest cat in the world. He loved the dogs, loved the cat, and loved people. It was too bad we couldn't keep him.

Puss did tricks for his food, was happy in everyone's arms and you could see that he was once someone's pet.

The Vet was able to take him in at 8:00am and we drove him there. I cried my eyes out when we dropped him off, knowing he wouldn't understand why. He kept reaching back for us, and he never did that all day!

This afternoon Mom called me. "I called the Vet and they still have him. I am going to go and bring him home once he has his shots." Mom and my step-dad are adopting the Home Depot kitty. 

I am so glad that they are able to take him in. A beautiful creature with a gorgeous soul deserves a second chance. How could anyone dump an animal?

So, Mom and step-dad have a new kitty and a big vet bill. $229. Puss got treatment for his fleas and worms (he was infested with both), and he got neutered. He comes home tomorrow.

I talked to my friend at Walmart who said she knew someone at Home Depot who had been trying to catch Puss this week. I went to Home Depot and talked to that someone who was so happy that Puss has a home. He had asked a friend to come and set a live trap this evening and told me that Puss has been out here through the storms all week, but wouldn't come to him. I am grateful he is someplace warm and safe now.

My step-dad, who adopted Puss, also works at Home Depot so the little kitty is still part of the HD family! This is the second cat to be adopted by a Home Depot employee this year. They are such a caring team.

If you'd like to donate to his medical costs, just message me and let me know. Mom and my step-dad have been nice enough to give him a home and I don't want to make them incur further expenses. Any overages will go to the shelter.

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 32/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Thanksgiving Day was amazing. Good food, family and warmth! I did Cardio Party in the morning and felt great when heading to the party.

Weight this morning was 186.

I can do this forever!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 31/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I'm feeling spectacular today and it's not just because tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! I had a great workout on my lunch break since I will be spending a lot of time baking pies this evening and I knew I wouldn't have even 20 minutes to spare.

I put my all into my workout today, throwing every jab, hook, upper cut and kick with all the strength I could muster. Why was I so excited? Today I woke up another pound lighter! It was completely unexpected and I was very happy. I took some photos today. I can't see much of a difference except in my waist and in my posture but I have lost 8.5 lbs in 30 days and I'm pretty happy with that!

I've also lost 2.5 inches from my waist, 1.5 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my chest, 2.25 inches from my right arm, 3 inches from my left arm, 2.5 inches from each thigh and almost 10% of my body fat. Woohoo!

The important thing is that the weight is staying off. This isn't like one of the hokey diets I have tried in the past where I eat normally and the weight comes back on. I'm eating healthy but it's normal food! I'm getting muscle definition too. I can't wait to try Turbo Fire after I complete this program!

Weight this morning was 185.5. I can do this every day!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 30/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Just a little under 2 weeks left in my workout journey and I am really getting into the swing of things again. I woke up this morning feeling energized and ready to go! The double workout days look daunting on the schedule but when I have finished them I am pleasantly surprised with myself for sticking to it.

My body will never be the same. I know that I will have ups and downs on my weight and that I can't expect to always be losing, but I am very happy when my weight does drop. I am even more impressed when my muscles burn. It just means they are getting better. John explained it to me best - you have to fatigue the muscles to get them to heal and grow stronger. What odd instruments our bodies are.

Today was a Turbo Sculpt and Ab Jam day. I feel like I am getting better at these and I enjoy them. Tomorrow is a nice midweek break and I get to do the 20 minute workout which now seems like a piece of cake!

The question is, at the end of this week, do I move on to the Advanced schedule or do I restart the beginner schedule? I feel like the beginner stuff for the first week just isn't strong enough for me, but could my body use a week of easy stuff or do I keep giving it a challenge?

Weight this morning was 186.5 - my "average" weight for the last two years. I am happy to be back there and I will be even happier when I am below that weight. When I see the 170s I will be overjoyed! I haven't seen them since 2011.

I can do this and every day I am getting better at it.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 29/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

My husband rented Pain & Gain for our Monday night movie. So appropriate. He plans around my workouts now. "How long is your scheduled workout tonight?" He asked me when we got home from the store. He then planned our movie night to fit around my schedule. I can tell he no longer questions my seriousness about getting fit. He just knows I will do it and he encourages me. Today we practiced punches, kicks and jabs. I nailed him pretty good by accident. My movements are becoming more agile. 

If you have stumbled upon this blog and you're thinking about changing your life, I must give you a warning. You can't go into this half-cocked. You have to 100% commit to this program. You can't do a workout here, a workout there and skip on your calories. You have to do it the way Chalene says or not do it at all.

If you're still a fitness grazer and you think "oh, I could try this and see if it works," this isn't for you. This isn't a DVD you buy from an infomercial, use for a week and stick on the DVD shelf to collect dust. This is a serious, life-changing commitment.

Ever stop to think about why you're not fit? For most people, the only reason is because they choose not to be. I have been thinking about that a lot. For 14 years I sat sedentary and lazy, not caring about my body. Really, at any time I could have spent 20 minutes a day improving myself.

I was a grazer. A try this, try that, fad dieter who thought that she could go from heavy to skinny without doing any real work. I learned better once I dedicated myself. I lost over 80 lbs in one summer. I did it through only walking and cutting out sugar.

Well, folks, eventually I stopped walking. Sedentary activities got my interest and I spent all of my time doing them instead of spending 20 minutes a day or an hour a day keeping myself healthy. I did it to myself. I gained the weight. I ate the junk. 

I can change all of this and so can you! The human body is MEANT to be moving and burning calories, sweating and creating endurance, pushing boundaries and being exhausted. If you don't give your muscles a good stretching, a good rip roar, they will never grow stronger.

When I started this, you would not believe how many unused muscles I had. I really thought I used over 95% of my muscles. I truly believed it! I learned pretty quickly that most of my body has been my own untapped resource and through a lot of pain and hard work I can get it all working again. Eventually the pain becomes pleasure and your muscles continue burning all day long, heightening your metabolism. Chalene is great for teaching this stuff. It's easy to understand and fun to do. 

After my workout today, and for the last half of it, my hair was drenched with sweat. I could taste the salt in the air around me. I used to think that sweating was for people with too much time on their hands. I didn't care for it. It was gross and not for me. Now I feel exhilarated when I sweat. It's so funny how your attitude can change just through physical activity.

Weight this morning was an incredible 187.5

It might not seem much to you, but I am celebrating and feeling fantastic. I can do this and so can you, if you are ready to commit. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 28/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I am a total failure today but at least I tried. I made it 24 minutes into Punch, Kick & Jam before it defeated me.

I have a cold (took yesterday off because of my cough) but I am not blaming that. I just ran out of energy and ran out of breath. I drank 22 ounces of water during the first half of the workout and still felt dehydrated.

That is a FAST routine! I can't make my body pivot that quickly. I just don't have the muscle yet. I am sure it will be easier when there is less fat on my body to make for resistance.

I will try this workout again. For now, I'm in desperate need of a shower and a relax.

Weight this morning was 188.

I can do this.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 26/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I have gained 2 lbs. I don't really care. I put everything I had into my workout tonight and I felt great about it.

If I am flabby, oh well. I know how hard I work and I am proud of me. Weight this morning was 189.5

I can do this.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 25/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I had to cut my workout short today . I have felt like crap all day but I am washing my clothes and will try it again later.

Weight this morning was 189, I sweated out my fever so I expect to get well soon. Yippee!

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 25/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I had to cut my workout short today so my husband can take me to a movie. I have felt like crap all day but we have the tickets in advance and I don't want to miss it.

Weight this morning was 189, I sweated out my fever so I expect to get well soon. Yippee!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 24/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

This morning around 3:00am the left side of my throat felt like it had caught fire. By this afternoon I had both sides on fire, a low grade temp, chills and body aches.

You know what? I thought long and hard about skipping my workout but I didn't. I actually did a longer workout than normal and after the first 45 or 50 minutes (can't remember the exact time) of Turbo Sculpt I threw up. I then came back and did 20 minutes of Ab Jam. By the way, Turbo Sculpt is deceptive. It looks easy and it's tough!

That's right! If I can feel like crap and be sick and still work out, what's YOUR excuse? Exactly. Now you get the point. You can either make excuses for yourself or you can take action and change your life.

I hope whatever this is passes quickly because I don't feel like going to the doctor again. Ahh well, this is the first cold/flu thing I have had since I quit smoking on January 11th and I used to have them about once every 40 days so I guess I have made progress. 

Weight this morning was 188.5

I've been eating soup, carbs and ice cream all day because my throat is killing me and I have felt poorly. I hope my weight isn't over 190 tomorrow.

I can do this.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 23/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Whew. Just finishe Cardio Party and it doesn't feel like a party to me - not yet, anyway!

I was SO exhausted after finishing that I barely made it to the shower without calling it quits and taking a break. I didn't want to sit still and let he sweat dry so I hit the showers on time.

I have been eating diet food but not good for me food all day. I was lazy and didn't want I cook so it has been nothing but snacks today. Guess I had better cook some dinner.

My gosh, it's almost 11pm. So tired. Weight this morning was 188.5 - back up a lb but that is how it works so I am not upset. I can do this!

If you want a copy of the schedule of workouts I am doing for these 6 weeks please let me know.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 22/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Worked my booty off today with the 20 minute workout and Ab Jam. Too exhausted to think.

Weight this morning was 188. I can do this!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 21/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I'm halfway there! Wahoo! I have noticed that as much as I want to be skinny, it isn't just about being thin now. Now it's about being in shape. Being able to keep up with my husband. Being able to do cardio without being too winded to speak.

Today I beat the plateau. I lost that lb. I over-ate at dinner as well. I had chicken and rice for dinner and I should have just had chicken. I feel too stuffed and I weigh a pound and a half more than I did this morning. I've never put on that much weight in one day since I started this workout regime. I also have never eaten rice with my chicken.

I might end up weighing a lb more tomorrow morning, but thins will even out by Wednesday, I'm sure. I've done this before and have experience monitoring my body. I am glad that I am eating healthy dinners and not restaurant slop. 

My weight this morning was 187.5. I'm going to predict that by the end of this regemin I will weigh 184 lbs. I have 3 weeks to make that come true. I can do this!

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 20/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Ya know, my back problems are still gone! I am guessing a lot of "back problems" are just caused by a sedentary lifestyle. You might think you move your muscles regularly but there are a lot that go unused frequently and I bet try are just yearning to be free from being idle, so they make painful protests.

I had so many things to do today and I did them all. Every single one got done. Why? Because I knew I wanted to do my workout right before bed and I must get things done before I could do it. 

Still on the plateau at the same weight this morning. It's been one week stuck at this weight. I'd like to see a pound or two drop this upcoming week, body! I hope you're listening because we are a sweatin' machine and this week it is only going to get worse.

Weight this morning was 188.5. I still think I can do this.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 19/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I am tired. My whole body is exhausted. I've been sick to my stomach all day and can only blame it on something I must have eaten but I've no idea what because I haven't strayed from my diet at all except for trying some new low fat crackers. Maybe they are the problem.

Even though I haven't dropped a pound since Sunday, I am completely happy with what John said about me today. My soon to be sister-in-law Kim came over and I offered her some workout partnership if she wanted to start working out before the wedding. We were talking about how women's jeans are cut too low and how they make us look.

John immediately piped up, "Every night by around 7:30, sometimes a little later. She does her workout every day without fail. She's very committed to this workout and it's working."

Normally my husband just says "OK" or "good job, baby" after I tell him I have finished my workout. He is usually saying this while looking up from whatever it is he's doing. I never knew he noticed how serious I am about this. Usually I flake out on new things after just a few times out of the gate. I'm glad he sees my dedication.

Weight this morning was 188.5 - I can do this!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 18/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I am exhausted. Absolutely physically exhausted. My brain also feels like pudding. Maybe the rest days are there for a reason. I didn't want to work out tonight. I haven't wanted to work out at all this week as I have had grander ideas in mind.

I worked out because I made a commitment to myself. Just like I won't ever smoke another cigarette and I won't do drugs, I won't be lazy again.

Anyway, I'm tired. My brain was fried from work today so throughout my workout I didn't think of anything. My mind went blank and followed along with the instructions like it was on auto pilot. That doesn't happen often.

Weight this morning was 188.5

Good night world, I can do this. Dear Ab Jam - your mat workout is my enemy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 17/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Yesterday, while doing Ab Jam for the first time, I heard Chalene say "You're going to feel this tomorrow." She was not lying. My abs have been hurting all day. My husband made me laugh a few minutes ago and the physical act of laughing made me hurt all over, which made me laugh more.

Today will be my first time doing Cardio Party. When I looked at the schedule and saw that it would include two new workouts this week, I panicked. Ab Jam was very easy to follow. I hope Cardio Party isn't too tough. I hope it doesn't feel like work because my abs can't take much more today!

Weight this morning was 188.5

I seem to be on a four day plateau. I hope that tomorrow it will suddenly drop. A girl can dream, right? Hamburgers an whatever else I can scrounge up for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 16/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I've got a good start on the third week of my workout experiment and as I said yesterday, I started to follow the beginner's workout plan in the schedule. It's a 4 week plan from Chalene, only I am skipping any rest days.

Today was the 20 Minute Workout followed by Ab Jam day. I have never done Ab Jam and let me tell you, I felt every minute of this workout. The standing workout was great but the mat work? Oh my goodness! I have not felt burn like that in over 15 years. I guess I had forgotten that I have obliques. 

Weight this morning was 189.5

I can do this. Chicken for dinner again. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 15/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

While I am working out I think of so many things to say here but after my shower I have forgotten them. Each day I get ready for bed feeling fat as a hog. I weigh myself and discover that it's not so bad!

Last night I splurged and went out to eat (something my husband and I normally do the majority of the work week). He asked if I could and so I saved up calories and had dinner out. I ate a small piece of chocolate cake and felt guilty all day today. It also made me crave sweets. Won't be breaking that rule again any time soon! Yikes!

I am actually doing the schedule of workouts in the Turbo Jam book now, but I am not doing any "rest days". I'm starting week 2 of that schedule today, and tomorrow is a new workout I haven't done yet - Ab Jam. I'm always scared of new things but I know after I do it a lot I'll get it.

Wednesday is Cardio Party. Eek!

My weight this morning was 188.5

I can do this. Baked chicken and a boiled potato for dinner. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 14/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

I can't believe I am already 14 days into my new lifestyle. I feel for certain that this workout regimen will stick with me for a long time to come. 

I used to be a lot heavier. Almost 100 pounds heavier, in fact. I will do my best not to get there again. 34 more pounds to go. I'm changing my eating habits and exercising daily. Thank you, Chalene. I'm doing this for me and no one else. 

My weight this morning was 188.

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 13/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Well, I did a stupid thing and ate a handful of John's popcorn at the theater. After 13 days with no greasy food or sweets it tipped my stomach into tummy ache mode for the next 7 hours so far.

I knew better than to try it but I used to eat the stuff by the bucketfuls so I didn't think one handful would kill me. I'm still suffering!

I did manage to accomplish a workout, which is good. I just wish I could go to bed without feeling seasick. Lesson here is never eat grease when you're on a health food kick. Ugh.

I know I am not anywhere near my goal yet but I don't FEEL as fat today as I did yesterday. I mean, I barely squeezed into jeans I was wearing just fine 2 months ago, and that was a bit awkward but I am not giving up. I need to have a more positive body image all of the time.

Weight today was 189.5

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 12/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Well, I guess I am officially past the 25% mark on my 6 week Turbo Jam challenge. I have lost almost 4 lbs and I suppose that is OK.

My problem is that I am terrible at keeping track of what I eat and sticking to that. When I find myself at 1,000 calories at the end of the day I think "screw it, there's always frozen yogurt."

I must say I AM proud of myself because I haven't eaten any candy or sweets except for diet sweets (rice cakes, Froyo). Normally I'd have caved and eaten at least a candy bar or cookie by now.

The fortnight before I started my challenge I was doing nothing but drinking my fave guilty pleasure energy drink (sometimes two a day) until I had a reaction and found out they changed their ingredients to include artificial sweeteners. I shouldn't have been drinking them anyway because I am allergic to colored dyes, too. It makes me wonder how much less I would have gained had I cared those 2 weeks.

I guess the bad thing about always being on the weight problem yoyo is that you always feel fat. Right now I feel like I am the size of a house and really I'm not that big. In my mind, though, I am big enough that strangers must stop and think I'm fat. I hate my "wings" on my back. I call them curtains. Yuck!

I hope my body keeps losing and that I become more defined in future. I am sticking with this, I just hope it works the way Chalene says it does!

I am the only person that can change me. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 11/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

So my life is either way too many bad calories or not enough calories at all. I just did my weight loss caloric intake and at my weight, to lose weight, I should be taking in 1700 calories a day. I barely touch a thousand when I eat right. I mean, a GIANT chunk of baked chicken is only 110 calories. Just maintaining scheduled eating is a pain in the butt. Blargh.

Ahh well, I'm not giving up yet, I'm still 6 lbs over my "happy" weight. If I can lose 6 lbs and maintain it I'll be giddy. Ideally, I'd love to lose 36 more lbs, because I am truly 36 lbs overweight. I don't know. I'll be happy just to feel normal again. When the scale consistently finds me under 190, I'll be more enthusiastic.

I'll be Turbo Jamming tonight either way.

If you're trying to lose weight, Chalene's formula is to take your body weight and add a 0.

I'm 190, so I'm at 1900 calories.

Then I have to add on 300 for the physical activity I do during the day.

That makes 2200 calories.

I then have to remove 500 calories to make a deficit in my caloric intake in order to lose weight.

That leaves me with 1700 calories per day.

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 10/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Don't worry! I didn't give up. I just got to watching a movie with my husband right after my workout last night and I missed the opportunity to blog.

Yesterday was a bad day. I felt fat, ate fatty foods, felt like I was in a slump and I sure didn't want to move my body. Once I got sweaty I felt better. I'm back up by 1 lb. but that could be due to anything, it hasn't stuck yet, it's just this morning's weight. We'll see what happens toward the weekend.

I need to learn to keep myself busy WITHOUT snacking. This will make my life a breeze.

Current weight is 190.5

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 9/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

John made thin crust pizza tonight for dinner. It was delicious. Not much by way of bread or cheese so it was a healthier substitute to normal pizza.

For breakfast I had yogurt and two rice cakes. I don't remember if I ate lunch or just had a rice cake later in the afternoon. I know I had a 90 cal fudgesicle which was a real treat. Schwan's makes delicious Live Smart food.

Today I want to try and be inspirational. In my own mind I sound great. I'm sure to you I am just a stranger, but I have to tell you, I have been on this weight yoyo all of my adult life and have committed to terrible diets in the past.

This year I was inspired to start growing organic produce because I am fed up with GMOs. Of course, I lost weight throughout the summer because of the hard work I put into the garden. After the harvest, when things began dying down, I lost interest in physical activity and packed on 10-12 lbs.

My reason for doing Turbo Jam is because I was inspired by Vu Willey - thefitmommy. She is an old friend and also a Beach Body coach. She has done amazing things with her body!

I tried doing my own exercise routine and keeping up with one of Vu's fitness challenges (just to prove to myself that I didn't need the official Beach Body routines) this spring but I only ended up losing a few pounds and feeling exhausted every evening. YouTube workouts were not the answer. I needed something more structured; something with great music and no buffering!

I went to my doctor and asked him if it would be OK for me to move my shoulders as I have always had weekly issues with them coming out of socket. My shoulders were always in pain. I couldn't remember what a pain free shoulder day felt like. Doing the exercises I found on YouTube was making it worse and I was concerned that Beach Body might aggravate old injuries (both of my shoulders have been surgically repaired after I ripped the muscles in them at a young age).

My doctor told me to do what felt right and I consulted Vu. She suggested I look at the Beach Body website and see what  I thought of the P90X program. I looked but I didn't find it interesting. I don't like sweaty men. Seriously, I know, but I am married and I don't feel comfortable staring at men working out. I did like the looks of the Beach Body program. There was a girl about my weight in the video clip!

I purchased Beach Body and for the first few weeks I just kind of did the Learn and Burn. I felt stupid, and I didn't quite understand the moves. I went on a business trip and made sure to use the treadmill in the hotel every single day. I felt like I could be more determined and that I could stick to a routine. I just needed to use my willpower. Heck, if I can be mad at someone and not ever speak to them again, I can improve my physical fitness.

I had no idea how much fun Turbo Jam would be once I set a dedicated routine and actually applied myself. I read a quote on Vu's page that said most people don't see real changes to their bodies for six weeks. I thought, you know what? I'm going to do this for six weeks solid and see what happens. That's where I got the idea for the 42 day challenge.

My husband and I are going on a vacation in January and I'd like to wear a bikini in the hotel's water park. If I can see real progress after 42 days, I'll be sticking with this right through until mid January. 

I'll keep this blog updated so you can follow my progress if you are interested. If you're thinking about trying Beach Body, I can't recommend it enough. The songs for Turbo Jam are infectious. I get the ear worms in my head and I am humming them all day, which makes me want to get the DVD playing and get moving!

PS - My shoulders haven't ached in weeks.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 8/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Well, today was crappy all-around. My stomach was very upset with me so I didn't feel like eating anything nutritious or working out today. I ended up with French Toast for dinner and I didn't really eat much else aside from rice cakes and Froyo throughout the day. I just couldn't keep anything down. Hopefully it's a 24 hour bug.

I feel a lot better after working out, oddly enough. It was a tough workout because my studio is an art studio and my husband was varnishing a new piece of furniture while I was working out so breathing was a bit of a hassle. The vapors combined with the heater were a bit overwhelming but I made it through both workouts.

I love the bits where Chalene says "The more you do this the better you'll get," because to be honest I never thought I would get it. In my first two weeks of Learn and Burn I couldn't get the moves right and I felt like a moron standing in my studio working out. I was frustrated and behind time and just an overall doofus! 

Let me tell you, when she says that if you stick with it you'll get it, she's right. I have Learn and Burn down. When I started the 20 minute workout I once again felt like a buffoon but now I have that one mostly mastered, too. This is probably why I went ahead and ordered another DVD set. The official workout schedule calls for it, but so far I have just been playing by my own rules and doing my own made up schedule of routines.

I need to take my measurements tomorrow if John will assist. I can't seem to get them right when I try and measure on my own. I got a new workout buddy today. Someone on Beach Body called Lucy's Family Fitness added me as a friend. That felt nice. It's good to see other people doing this, too.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 7/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Today has been a rather down day. I don't normally feel this depressed and even though I spent a good chunk of my holiday raising money for the American Cancer Society, I still feel sad.

It's likely because my husband is working so many shifts this week and because I haven't been able to see much of him this weekend.

I spent today cleaning house and visiting my Aunty. I have a lot of Christmas bulbs to start painting and my lonely brain has been focused only on art today. 

am just about to start my workout and I am hoping that I can redirect my emotions and focus my brain on physical activity. Exercise makes you happy.

I had pancakes for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch, a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and some chocolate Froyo for a snack earlier. Not the best, most low-cal day, but it is Sunday so I don't mind bending the rules a bit.

My weight this morning was 190.5. I started Turbo Jam at 194. Good progress for the first week!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 6/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Day 6 of 42 complete. I just finished Turbo Jam Learn and Burn and 20 Minute Workout. I get done with one workout and just want to keep going until I am so sweaty and tired that I can't go on, and then I go again! Boom!

Lee came in and checked out my workout and he and John walked away to watch Star Trek. No takers on Chalene's magic DVDS. I just ordered another one today. Boom!

I have dropped 3 lbs since Monday. Yep. That's right. 3 lbs, consistent since yesterday morning's weigh in and two weigh ins today. Of course, I am doing twice as many workouts per day as are expected of me the first week but I love doing it so much that I can't help it.

We are going to a movie at 4:30 so I decided to work out BEFORE the movie so I wouldn't get cravings for movie theater junk food. I had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and my body hasn't asked for any other food yet. Normally I have eaten a sandwich, popsicle and loads of diet food by now. Probably some candy or cookies, too. My working out has changed the way my body uses good and has changed my cravings.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Make It: Candles Into Tarts

Take a candle with excess wax and pour it into the lid to make a perfect tart for your wax burner. Remove with a butter knife.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gardening: Make Cheap Row Markers

I didn't want to spend $1 for a marker at Meijer, as cute as they were. They had one for every type of vegetable you can imagine but they were flimsy and I knew I'd need at least 100 of them.

So, I decided it would be much easier to make markers of my own. What's cheap, plastic and will stick up out of the ground? Plastic knives, of course!

I used a sharpie to write the veggie names and then made markers. They are all stuck into my garden now but it was too dark for a proper picture outdoors.

Of course, you can mark the handle instead of the blade if you're worried about safety, but last time I checked, plastic butter knives had trouble cutting butter.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Make It: Fight Cancer with Polymer Clay

I volunteer each year with the Relay For Life. I'm also a co-captain of a team in my county and I spend 4-5 months raising money before the big event. This year, I've been given a booth inside the relay and I'm allowed to sell my wares there to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

If you're not familiar with the Relay For Life, it's a 24 hour community event that brings together cancer survivors, caretakers, loved ones, those battling cancer, and anyone effected by cancer. Everyone rallies to raise money for the American Cancer Society and the Relay itself is the culmination and a great time to let off some steam, kick back, and relax with other volunteers and the community at large.

At my booth I want to have some affordable trinkets for kids. There are a LOT of kids at Relay and most of them have a bit of pocket money to spend in the vendors' area. Here's my little contribution. I hope it will help you raise money for your Relay or Cancer fighting event, too!

You'll need:
  • Polymer Clay
  • A "Ribbon" or other shaped charm or stamp
  • A ceramic tile (on which to bake the clay).
  • Acrylic paint (I chose white)
  • A fine paint brush (I got mine from a model store)
  • Spray sealer (I prefer matte over gloss)
  • A bottle cap (flat)

1. Roll a small ball of polymer clay

2. Using the smooth top of the bottle cap, flatten the clay onto your baking tile (in order to keep the charms from breaking, I'd keep it no less than 1/8" thick).

3. Remove the bottle cap from the clay

4. Press the charm or stamp into the clay, leaving an imprint.

5. Remove the charm or stamp.

6. Bake the clay according to the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the hot tile from the oven (careful!) and let it cool

7. Use your acrylic paint to "paint in" the ribbon logo or other stamped design. Paint on someone's name or a message if you'd like.

8. Spray sealer over the finished clay pieces. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area. Once dry, flip the clay pieces over and spray the back.

9. Add a magnet, drill a hole to make a necklace, or simply sell as a worry stone or pocket trinket.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gardening: What To Do With Broken Flowers

I have a hard time after a freak storm. My plants often "break their necks" so to speak, as the blooms, heavy with the extra weight of the rain, bend and break. I feel bad that their blooms are going to waste.

While at the Salvation Army Store I noticed a box full of free vases outside. We are big proponents of our local store, often donating and purchasing several times per week.

Of course, I felt I could give some of these vases a home and I had a great idea in mind!

You'll need a short vase and some ribbon, and, of course, some broken flowers.

1. Cut the flowers off above or below their breaks.
2. Remove any extra leaves and foliage.
3. Fill your vase nearly to the top with water and add plant food if you'd like.
4. Arrange your broken blooms, which will float nicely at the top of the vase.
5. Tie some ribbon around the vase and display!

Make It: Super Cute Refrigerator Magnets

I'm just starting this blog based on some posts I've made for my Facebook friends. I'll be sure to detail processes in future, rather than just end results.

Here are some DIY Refrigerator Magnets that I made from using old Calendar Magnets and old Wall Calendars.

You'll need:
  • Calendar Magnets like the ones pictured blow
  • A favorite Wall Calendar
  • A paintbrush
  • Mod Podge (Satin or Gloss finish)
  • Scissors

  Refrigerator Magnets are usually ads from local businesses.

I always have an abundance of fridge magnets from local businesses. Some are business card size and then there are the ridiculously huge calendars. They're great if it's still 2009, but for the most part after that calendar year, they get thrown away. I'm a keeper of all things, a bit of a craft hoarder, and I always keep my old wall calendars if I like the subject. I just can't bear to throw away those beautiful photographs.

  1. Cut out a picture from one of your wall calendars. 
  2. Brush mod podge onto a calendar magnet.
  3. Lay the wall calendar picture over the magnet.
  4. Cut out around the magnet.
  5. Brush more mod podge over the photo.
  6. Wait until the mod podge has lost its white color and smooth out any bubbles.
  7. Stick on your fridge!
Here are some photos of my finished products. You can use any magnets, really.

 At left, a magnet still drying. At right, the finished product.

 Some of my finished wall magnets.

Mod Podge is so amazing. I do so much with it, too! You can also use old tiles and mod podge images onto them to make nice coasters. I would suggest spraying them with a sealant as well, to make them more waterproof.