Monday, May 13, 2013

Make It: Super Cute Refrigerator Magnets

I'm just starting this blog based on some posts I've made for my Facebook friends. I'll be sure to detail processes in future, rather than just end results.

Here are some DIY Refrigerator Magnets that I made from using old Calendar Magnets and old Wall Calendars.

You'll need:
  • Calendar Magnets like the ones pictured blow
  • A favorite Wall Calendar
  • A paintbrush
  • Mod Podge (Satin or Gloss finish)
  • Scissors

  Refrigerator Magnets are usually ads from local businesses.

I always have an abundance of fridge magnets from local businesses. Some are business card size and then there are the ridiculously huge calendars. They're great if it's still 2009, but for the most part after that calendar year, they get thrown away. I'm a keeper of all things, a bit of a craft hoarder, and I always keep my old wall calendars if I like the subject. I just can't bear to throw away those beautiful photographs.

  1. Cut out a picture from one of your wall calendars. 
  2. Brush mod podge onto a calendar magnet.
  3. Lay the wall calendar picture over the magnet.
  4. Cut out around the magnet.
  5. Brush more mod podge over the photo.
  6. Wait until the mod podge has lost its white color and smooth out any bubbles.
  7. Stick on your fridge!
Here are some photos of my finished products. You can use any magnets, really.

 At left, a magnet still drying. At right, the finished product.

 Some of my finished wall magnets.

Mod Podge is so amazing. I do so much with it, too! You can also use old tiles and mod podge images onto them to make nice coasters. I would suggest spraying them with a sealant as well, to make them more waterproof.

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