Monday, May 13, 2013

Gardening: What To Do With Broken Flowers

I have a hard time after a freak storm. My plants often "break their necks" so to speak, as the blooms, heavy with the extra weight of the rain, bend and break. I feel bad that their blooms are going to waste.

While at the Salvation Army Store I noticed a box full of free vases outside. We are big proponents of our local store, often donating and purchasing several times per week.

Of course, I felt I could give some of these vases a home and I had a great idea in mind!

You'll need a short vase and some ribbon, and, of course, some broken flowers.

1. Cut the flowers off above or below their breaks.
2. Remove any extra leaves and foliage.
3. Fill your vase nearly to the top with water and add plant food if you'd like.
4. Arrange your broken blooms, which will float nicely at the top of the vase.
5. Tie some ribbon around the vase and display!

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