Thursday, November 7, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 11/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

So my life is either way too many bad calories or not enough calories at all. I just did my weight loss caloric intake and at my weight, to lose weight, I should be taking in 1700 calories a day. I barely touch a thousand when I eat right. I mean, a GIANT chunk of baked chicken is only 110 calories. Just maintaining scheduled eating is a pain in the butt. Blargh.

Ahh well, I'm not giving up yet, I'm still 6 lbs over my "happy" weight. If I can lose 6 lbs and maintain it I'll be giddy. Ideally, I'd love to lose 36 more lbs, because I am truly 36 lbs overweight. I don't know. I'll be happy just to feel normal again. When the scale consistently finds me under 190, I'll be more enthusiastic.

I'll be Turbo Jamming tonight either way.

If you're trying to lose weight, Chalene's formula is to take your body weight and add a 0.

I'm 190, so I'm at 1900 calories.

Then I have to add on 300 for the physical activity I do during the day.

That makes 2200 calories.

I then have to remove 500 calories to make a deficit in my caloric intake in order to lose weight.

That leaves me with 1700 calories per day.

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