Sunday, November 17, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 20/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

Ya know, my back problems are still gone! I am guessing a lot of "back problems" are just caused by a sedentary lifestyle. You might think you move your muscles regularly but there are a lot that go unused frequently and I bet try are just yearning to be free from being idle, so they make painful protests.

I had so many things to do today and I did them all. Every single one got done. Why? Because I knew I wanted to do my workout right before bed and I must get things done before I could do it. 

Still on the plateau at the same weight this morning. It's been one week stuck at this weight. I'd like to see a pound or two drop this upcoming week, body! I hope you're listening because we are a sweatin' machine and this week it is only going to get worse.

Weight this morning was 188.5. I still think I can do this.

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