Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 24/42

I am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

This morning around 3:00am the left side of my throat felt like it had caught fire. By this afternoon I had both sides on fire, a low grade temp, chills and body aches.

You know what? I thought long and hard about skipping my workout but I didn't. I actually did a longer workout than normal and after the first 45 or 50 minutes (can't remember the exact time) of Turbo Sculpt I threw up. I then came back and did 20 minutes of Ab Jam. By the way, Turbo Sculpt is deceptive. It looks easy and it's tough!

That's right! If I can feel like crap and be sick and still work out, what's YOUR excuse? Exactly. Now you get the point. You can either make excuses for yourself or you can take action and change your life.

I hope whatever this is passes quickly because I don't feel like going to the doctor again. Ahh well, this is the first cold/flu thing I have had since I quit smoking on January 11th and I used to have them about once every 40 days so I guess I have made progress. 

Weight this morning was 188.5

I've been eating soup, carbs and ice cream all day because my throat is killing me and I have felt poorly. I hope my weight isn't over 190 tomorrow.

I can do this.

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