Monday, November 25, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 29/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

My husband rented Pain & Gain for our Monday night movie. So appropriate. He plans around my workouts now. "How long is your scheduled workout tonight?" He asked me when we got home from the store. He then planned our movie night to fit around my schedule. I can tell he no longer questions my seriousness about getting fit. He just knows I will do it and he encourages me. Today we practiced punches, kicks and jabs. I nailed him pretty good by accident. My movements are becoming more agile. 

If you have stumbled upon this blog and you're thinking about changing your life, I must give you a warning. You can't go into this half-cocked. You have to 100% commit to this program. You can't do a workout here, a workout there and skip on your calories. You have to do it the way Chalene says or not do it at all.

If you're still a fitness grazer and you think "oh, I could try this and see if it works," this isn't for you. This isn't a DVD you buy from an infomercial, use for a week and stick on the DVD shelf to collect dust. This is a serious, life-changing commitment.

Ever stop to think about why you're not fit? For most people, the only reason is because they choose not to be. I have been thinking about that a lot. For 14 years I sat sedentary and lazy, not caring about my body. Really, at any time I could have spent 20 minutes a day improving myself.

I was a grazer. A try this, try that, fad dieter who thought that she could go from heavy to skinny without doing any real work. I learned better once I dedicated myself. I lost over 80 lbs in one summer. I did it through only walking and cutting out sugar.

Well, folks, eventually I stopped walking. Sedentary activities got my interest and I spent all of my time doing them instead of spending 20 minutes a day or an hour a day keeping myself healthy. I did it to myself. I gained the weight. I ate the junk. 

I can change all of this and so can you! The human body is MEANT to be moving and burning calories, sweating and creating endurance, pushing boundaries and being exhausted. If you don't give your muscles a good stretching, a good rip roar, they will never grow stronger.

When I started this, you would not believe how many unused muscles I had. I really thought I used over 95% of my muscles. I truly believed it! I learned pretty quickly that most of my body has been my own untapped resource and through a lot of pain and hard work I can get it all working again. Eventually the pain becomes pleasure and your muscles continue burning all day long, heightening your metabolism. Chalene is great for teaching this stuff. It's easy to understand and fun to do. 

After my workout today, and for the last half of it, my hair was drenched with sweat. I could taste the salt in the air around me. I used to think that sweating was for people with too much time on their hands. I didn't care for it. It was gross and not for me. Now I feel exhilarated when I sweat. It's so funny how your attitude can change just through physical activity.

Weight this morning was an incredible 187.5

It might not seem much to you, but I am celebrating and feeling fantastic. I can do this and so can you, if you are ready to commit. 

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