Friday, November 29, 2013

Workout Blog: Turbo Jam Day 33/42

am working out to Turbo Jam for 6 weeks to see how I can impact my body.

On Wednesday night I started baking at 8 PM. I got finished around 12 AM. I then went to bed, got up at nine, did my cardio party workout and continued to bake until it was time for Thanksgiving dinner at 3:30. We had dinner and at 5:20 we started shopping. I didn't make it home until 1 AM. We went to bed about 2 AM and got up at about 4 AM. We didn't make it home again until 8 PM this evening I'll explain more after the Turbo Jam post.

I wasn't going to work out today. I was going to rest instead. I know that it was not on the schedule and I should be doing my workout. I spoke to an associate at Home Depot and we were talking about candy bars and how their caloric value is that the meal but they contain no nutrients needed for a meal. We were talking about how kids eat these along with a meal so they are getting twice the calories and only half of the nutrients and a lot of fat. We started talking about weight-loss and she mentioned that she had tried Billy blanks but she said that she didn't even open the DVDs or put them in the machine once she ordered the whole set.

I told her that I had done the same thing many times with different workout programs. I told her that you had to make a real commitment if you want to change and that you can't skip days; you have to do it just like it says. Of course that means I had to tell the truth and tonight I came home and did my workout.

I just finished Turbo Sculpt and Ab Jam and now I'll tell you about the rest of my day. 

My weight this morning was 185. I am doing this.

This morning at 5:30am as we left The Home Depot in -6F weather, an orange shape approached us.

"I'm frightened!" said the soft meow. A man and his wife stopped to discuss the tiny creature.

"Probably a neighbor's cat," said the woman, while the man nearly wept. "He'll go home soon."

We watched as the wife pulled the man away and the fluffy orange fellow meowed to us for help. He was shivering and obviously hungry.

"We can't take him home," I reminded my husband, who by now had scooped the freezing cat into his arms. "We'll take him inside and one of the associates can help."

"We can't have that cat in here," said a man at the door. "It's been hanging around here the last few days."

My husband wrapped the frightened cat into his coat and I snapped a photo. "Who will take him?" I asked.

I opened my Facebook application and saw that my mother had just made a post. I called her to ask for help.

It was a few moments after six and the cat was purring as loud as a chainsaw in my husband's coat. He watched out the window as we drove, as calm as could be.

When we reached Mom and step-dad's we tried to give everyone we knew a call. Someone had to have room for Puss in Boots, or as Mom called him, Tom. 

He was a perfect gentleman and ate so fast that he threw up the first few bites. We had to slowly give him food.

We soon saw that he was quite possibly the kindest cat in the world. He loved the dogs, loved the cat, and loved people. It was too bad we couldn't keep him.

Puss did tricks for his food, was happy in everyone's arms and you could see that he was once someone's pet.

The Vet was able to take him in at 8:00am and we drove him there. I cried my eyes out when we dropped him off, knowing he wouldn't understand why. He kept reaching back for us, and he never did that all day!

This afternoon Mom called me. "I called the Vet and they still have him. I am going to go and bring him home once he has his shots." Mom and my step-dad are adopting the Home Depot kitty. 

I am so glad that they are able to take him in. A beautiful creature with a gorgeous soul deserves a second chance. How could anyone dump an animal?

So, Mom and step-dad have a new kitty and a big vet bill. $229. Puss got treatment for his fleas and worms (he was infested with both), and he got neutered. He comes home tomorrow.

I talked to my friend at Walmart who said she knew someone at Home Depot who had been trying to catch Puss this week. I went to Home Depot and talked to that someone who was so happy that Puss has a home. He had asked a friend to come and set a live trap this evening and told me that Puss has been out here through the storms all week, but wouldn't come to him. I am grateful he is someplace warm and safe now.

My step-dad, who adopted Puss, also works at Home Depot so the little kitty is still part of the HD family! This is the second cat to be adopted by a Home Depot employee this year. They are such a caring team.

If you'd like to donate to his medical costs, just message me and let me know. Mom and my step-dad have been nice enough to give him a home and I don't want to make them incur further expenses. Any overages will go to the shelter.

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