Friday, December 20, 2013

Working Out - The Plateau

So, after my first six weeks of working out, I took a lot of days off and ate whatever I wanted and I gained 3 lbs back. It's been 11 days since then and I have dropped the weight again, but I've been stuck at 183.5 for four days. FOUR! I was talking to myself on the scale this morning and I told my body that if it doesn't drop that half a lb. I am going to shut it off and make it have a whole day of being lazy! I know how much it likes the exercise, so I think it might cooperate.

Eat well, exercise much, love yourself and be happy. I'm sure that half pound will drop in its own due time. I just want to see the scale be the lowest it's been this year. ;) I was stuck at 189.5 for two weeks solid before my body caved. Plateaus are a pain, though. They do make you work extra hard to try and get past them, but it also makes you sad that you're stuck. Bittersweet!

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