Monday, March 16, 2015

Afraid of the Sander

Today my husband finished painting up the backsplash. It looks so nice to have the kitchen walls be matching from ceiling to floor. Some of the original grout is now visible and it's playing on my conscience that 15 years of dirt and residue is still lurking on my countertops somehow even though I scrub them weekly. Any grout masters got tips for bringing back my grout? It may be a while before we install new countertops.

Dad worked on a few of the cabinet fronts and managed to get them stripped by using a Dremel Multimax Sanding Pad. The doors will be sanded in the wood shop.

One small husky decided that 2-3 hours of sanding was enough for her and claimed refuge under my desk. This made it difficult to work since I now had to really reach to hit the desk. I'm getting used to that since I already have a small child taking up residence in my belly. I just moved the bluetooth mouse into my lap and finished out the last half hour of my day.

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