Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Outdated Kitchen - The Remodel Begins

Well, it's time for a new kitchen. Ours has served us well for the last 28 years, but we're expecting a child now and we need a bit of modernization.

Problems with our current kitchen include:

•Out of date honey oak cabinets from 1985

•Tile countertops from the 1990s aka a bacteria haven

•Broken and junky drawers and missing drawer fronts

•Broken receptacles/bad wiring

•Oversized cabinets taking up counterspace


•Corner cabinet on countertop acting as a junk catch-all 

•Yucky vinyl wallpaper instead of backsplash

•Gap between stove and countertop

•Unlevel flooring and slopes throughout room

•5 layers of flooring on top of each other so room is a step up in house.

•Cracked, broken, and missing tiles

•No kick guard

•Non-working and nasty grill fan 

•No storage space on top of cupboards

•No pantry space or room for canning

•Awful brown color scheme that clashes with our 1950s Lucy scheme

•Bar stools that are too big for the bar

So where do we begin with this project? Well, we decided to start by trying to save the cabinets. We both work full time and we live with my dad. He is retired and he will be helping us tremendously with the project.

Today my husband removed one cabinet door and sanded it, applied new poly and replaced it. We'll be adding oak veneer to the sides of our cabinets since they aren't real oak on the sides. Ideally, we would have liked new, lighter cabinets, but that isn't going to happen. Oak is oak and saving old hardwood is better than buying new MDF. We will get over the color.

As you can see, the finish is much brighter and cleaner than the old mucky cabinets. It's still oak, so we're going to incorporate wood floors and probably wood countertops with a subway tile backsplash. Once the cabinets doors and front faces have been refinished and the veneer has been applied, we'll begin working on the new drawers. 

For now, the guys have begun painting the backsplash to match the wall color in the room. No more tired yellow stripes! We chose to paint over the wallpaper for now since we'll have to redo it again later when we buy backsplash tiles.

They've also patched a giant hole in the wall behind the old microwave cupboard.

That receptacle used to knock out power to the entire house because a breaker was overloaded. Now that things are on their own breakers, we no longer have that issue.

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