Friday, March 20, 2015

Replacing the Cabinet Drawers

Once the upper cabinets have been finished and re-seated, we'll be dealing with a whole new monster. Lower cabinets. Not only will these ones be back-breaking, they'll be difficult because the ones with drawers are so messed up and we can't just replace the cabinets. We've been playing musical drawers for the last ten years or so, because the drawer boxes are MDF and easily crack and break. The drawer runners are goners, too.

Today I visited and placed a custom order for a matching drawer front to our current set. It took a while to figure out the specific cut our drawers currently have, but it turned out we needed the E10 edge on an oak slab, in 3/4 thickness. Whew. Glad that's over with. Oh, did I mention that their Customer Service department was VERY nice via email and helped me find the right piece, and also that their shipping is FREE? Amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product. I hope I ordered the right thing.

Now, moving on to the drawer boxes, these suckers are in BAD shape. I looked at the cost of new ones and even the economy line was $27+. Not really in our lack of budget, especially since I just spent $19.95 on a drawer front. OK. Something else is going to have to happen. I'm thinking my husband is going to be making these drawer fronts. He also plans to make some new oak cabinets on top of our existing ones. He has a stash of red oak in 16' lengths, so it should all work out.

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