Thursday, December 31, 2015

Finished Kitchen

What a kitchen nightmare! With the baby here and getting ready to crawl, we decided to remove the old ceramic tile floors that had been badly damaged. Well, now we know why! They were laid overtop of uneven subflooring, on top of 6 other layers of floor! 

The guys pryed them up and found a ghastly mess near the island - water had been leaking for many years. Behind the paneling, the cupboard backs were rotten, the floor was rotten, and the 5 layers below were rotten, too. 

What started as a few hundred dollar, save yourself some money, DIY project had now turned into a cash disaster. We had to replace the entire island, all of the subflooring, the countertops (because we couldn't save the island counter and who wants a mismatched mess?), and the cupboards in the center.

The guys got to work cutting and patching the floors (which will never be level by the eay, because the room is comprised of an addition and another room where the old barn used to be).

We put in vinyl floors with the click and lay kind of panels. They look like wood but are waterproof and flexible to fit an uneven floor like ours.

Note to the wise: do not use staples on your subfloor. They pop thru the vinyl and make a mess. 

The sink also had to be replaced, so we opted for Delta products as they carry replacement parts here in town and are very sturdy. 

After the sink came the tiling of the island, and finally the other countertops. We went with tile with redgard under it, because quartz would have put us back a pretty penny. 

All told, this entire project (including the new sink and range) ran us about $3,500.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Parenting For Newbies: Blog One

Here I am, that person who told you I didn't want your unsolicited parenting advice. It's true. I don't. What I do want, though, is your attention. I want to share some advice with you.

You see, we went into this with a LOT of research. We went in with me being afraid to bond with a baby and my husband being incredibly over-eager. We had the baby, a nice, big girl, and then the fun began.

Everything I read was conflicted. I had no idea, even after the lactation specialist left, that I needed to use the breast pump every 2 hours. I had no idea how to even use one!

So, in the spirit of being a total moron and learning everything as we went, I'd like to start a slow progression of Parenting For Newbies blogs. Perhaps this will help my cousin and my niece, who are both each expecting a new arrival in 2016. 

I'll tag the blogs as Parenting for Newbies as I go. I hope they help someone out there because there is so much left to be learned.