Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Parenting For Newbies: Blog One

Here I am, that person who told you I didn't want your unsolicited parenting advice. It's true. I don't. What I do want, though, is your attention. I want to share some advice with you.

You see, we went into this with a LOT of research. We went in with me being afraid to bond with a baby and my husband being incredibly over-eager. We had the baby, a nice, big girl, and then the fun began.

Everything I read was conflicted. I had no idea, even after the lactation specialist left, that I needed to use the breast pump every 2 hours. I had no idea how to even use one!

So, in the spirit of being a total moron and learning everything as we went, I'd like to start a slow progression of Parenting For Newbies blogs. Perhaps this will help my cousin and my niece, who are both each expecting a new arrival in 2016. 

I'll tag the blogs as Parenting for Newbies as I go. I hope they help someone out there because there is so much left to be learned.

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