Thursday, June 28, 2018

Movie Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

So, I was awaiting the original jurassic World for years and I was pregnant when I found out its release date. Had my baby 6 hours before it opened. I was so excited to see it and then I thought it was terrible. It felt too much like a remake of the original. Not enough scares, and suddenly raptors and motorcycles? I didn’t get it. So, I decided to give Fallen Kingdom a try. I am happy to report that I loved it! 10/10! I have now seen it twice in the cinema, so beware, spoilers.

I read some articles that were complaining about the Senate hearing scenes not being able to give Jeff Goldblum a different suit - clearly being filmed on the same day. Duh! All the extras are wearing the same garb too, it’s meant to be the SAME Senate session!

Anyway, I also saw a review that claimed to post all the times Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom harkens back to the original films. It missed a lot, so here is my list.

Helicopters ferrying out dinosaurs.

Big trucks of The Lost World.

Dumbwaiters and kitchen cupboards.

Claire saying, “Run!” to Owen the same way Ellie said it to herself.

Raptor and Indoraptor tapping toes.

The way Maisie stands dumbfounded with her back against a wall in shock and has to be moved by Owen the same way Tim and Alan did it.

The cast standing in wait inside of a dino diorama is teminiscent of the raptor painting behind Tim and Lexx in the cafeteria scene.

“I need to reboot the system,” from Franklin ala Jurassic Park.

Hiding under the car at the end is very familiar.

The Carnator and T Rex fighting over the man.

The pterodactyls at the end, flying by.

Anyway, 10/10. Perfect amount of suspense, action, and nostagia with great special effects. Felt real.

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